Q: Why should parents buy used pianos, instead of first hand piano for me?

A: To most parents, the most common question they will ask is “how long will my child piano interest last?”

If parents are uncertain about their child interest, it will be wiser for them to purchase a used piano instead of a first hand piano.

It is because, a used piano definitely cost lesser than a first hand piano.

With the absence of a market for used piano in Japan, most Yamaha and Kawai pianos are collected from homes and goes through extensive refurbishing before being exported oversea.


Due to the meticulous nature and attention to details of Japanese, the pianos exported overseas are of high quality.

We import most of the Yamaha and Kawai pianos every two to three months. They are tune and check before being sold, because our products are of high quality, we are able to provide five year warranties and a buy back scheme.

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